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  • Petrozavodsk State University : Major: Biology;  Minor: Plant physiology  - 1979
  • Ph.D. (Kandidat of Biological Science): State University of Leningrad, Leningrad, RUSSIA. Dissertation: «Thermoindused  processes  in water-protein systems: refractometry  and infrared spectroscopy study», November, 1989.
  • Doctor of Biological science: Petrozavodsk State University, RUSSIA. Dissertation. «Ecological problems of  conservation of biological diversity on example of collections of botanical gardens of Russia», November, 2004.

Professional Experience

  • Research scientist Laboratory of Molecular Biophysic, Institute of Biology, Karelian Scientific Center AS USSR     1979 - 1990
  • Scientific director of Mushroom industrial laboratory, TROYKA Ltd. Co.     1990-1991
  • Scientific director of BioInTech Ltd. Co.        1991-1993
  • Present work:   Dec 1993 - Director of Botanic Garden of Petrozavodsk State University, July 1997 - member of Council of botanical gardens of Russia. 

Areas of Interest:

  • Database managment system  for plant collections
  • Mobilisation of genetic resources of plants
  • Structure of water and aqueous solutions
  • Thermoadaptation of plants

Position in Scientific Community:

  • Vice-president of Council of botanical gardens of Russia.
  • Chair of Commission on new information technologies of Council of botanical gardens of Russia
  • Creator and editor-in-chief of 'Hortus botancicus'- international journal of botanical gardens
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